Our approach is based on a thorough understanding of the needs of the customer and their story, and then continues with our preliminary technical evaluation necessary to outline the actual feasibility of the project and finally provide a concrete proposal.


Thanks to an advanced engineering activity and the development of an automation platform we actualize solutions, identifying the means to solve the problem.
Making use of simulations, verifications and pre-production tests we select the suitable product / partner for the solution.

We carry out a “safety assessment” for integration of the prerequisites required by international regulations and the suitability of the solution on the local legislatures.



We take care of the reference documentation for the production and assembly sectors, construction and assembly for the mechanical sectors, assembly and connection diagrams for the electrical sectors.


At our headquarters every aspect is followed by specialized staff, as to ensure the best result for construction, wiring, and assembly of electrical components.


Our staff takes directly sees to the installation taking care of the preparations and maintaining the building sites according to the standards required by industrial environments.

Software Development

Cubar Research has developed the knowledge for the different types of programmable controllers, operator interfaces HMI, distribution systems, application-specifics for vision devices, command and control “drive motion” systems.

We develop control and command software according to the standards required by the automation solution; we take care of tracking and reporting for the production needs and the direct interface of the field controllers with the different ERP industry levels.

All software pass the “code test” and simulations for preliminary checks.


The checks carried out during the development process of the project are extremely necessary to a reduce the activities in the field, experience guides us towards better planning resources as to achieve maximum efficiency from the “commissioning” and”start-up” activities. Even after the sale assistance and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance is taken care of to ensure a constant presence.


Cubar Customer Support is guaranteed by highly trained and ready to act personnel.
Thanks to the Remote teleassistence service you can solve problems in an easy, fast and effective way.