The CUBAR® Method

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Our approach is based on a thorough understanding of the needs of the customer and their story and then continues with our preliminary technical evaluation necessary to outline the actual feasibility of the project and finally provide a concrete proposal.

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Thanks to advanced engineering activity and the development of an automation platform, we provide solutions, identifying the means to solve the problem.

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The CUBAR Research has developed a deep knowledge of the different types of PLCs, HMI operator interfaces, distributed systems, specific applications for vision devices, and drive motion" command and control " systems.

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We provide reference documentation for the production and assembly sectors, construction and assembly for the mechanical sectors, assembly and connection diagrams for the electrical sectors.

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The systems are pre-assembled and tested in our Fossano plant, where we recreate the same conditions in which they will work once operational.

Our staff is then in charge of the installation at the client’s plant, ensuring the proper setup of the machinery and respect for the standard requirement of the industry for the building site.

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The checks carried out during the project development process are extremely important for a reduction of on-site activities. Our experience guides us in better resource planning to achieve maximum efficiency from "commissioning" and "start-up" activities.

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CUBAR Customer Support is guaranteed by highly trained and ready-to-act staff.                      Thanks to the Remote Teleassistance Service you can solve problems easily, quickly and effectively.

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